Letters to my Daughter (2): Behind The Name

Letters to my Daughter (2): Behind The Name

By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa

Dear Daughter,

Naming a child is a big deal in African cultures.

Even as times are changing, a person’s name plays a major role in the shaping of one’s destiny.

You should know my baby, that mom is a believer.

I believe in individuality,

As I believe in culture and tradition.

So you can understand how finding the perfect name for you was difficult.

At first I thought I should combine Mom and Dad’s names

Cheesy isn’t it?

I realized that a mere combination wouldn’t be powerful enough for the dynamite that is you.

Tadiwa maybe?

For you’re loved more fiercely than gold

How about Chimamanda?

The courage of the unseen is our strength.

Maybe Azania

For you will grow to be an African Goddess

Fierce, strong, and precious

I could name you Ndabenhle

Beautiful story, seed of the writer

So many name in Africa, all so powerful

Language doesn’t matter, Africa is one

Your name should represent the force that you are

Daughter of the soil

Future leader and creator

Let your name proudly pave your way

Let it proudly label your being


With Wisdom;


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