Letters to my Daughter (3): Being a Girl

Letters to my Daughter (3): Being a Girl


By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa


Dear Daughter,

We live in a very difficult time,

These are testing times.

You’ll be tested in every aspect of your life

But you’re born strong

And that strength will be used to mock you

Don’t allow them to get you down

Society will make you feel guilty for being born a woman

They’ll make you feel like being a woman is a crime

Do not apologize

I repeat; do not apologize for being who you are

They’ll tell you to stop acting smart

That intelligence intimidates men

Don’t compromise yourself my baby

If a man really wants to be with you,

He will step up to reach your level.

Don’t lower your standards in the name of love

You know love–I raised you with it

It should never force you to lessen yourself

If you feel that you prefer being with women rather than men

That’s okay Nana

Your sexuality is your own choice

Don’t let society dictate to you

Love yourself, love your womaness

Wear your crown with pride

Do everything like a girl, like a black girl

Don’t try to be anything but the best version of yourself.

Stay fierce

Take care;


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