“What Africa needs is a dream that all Africans can ascribe and aspire to; a common dream that they can own as Africa.” – Graca Machel

We, at Reader's Café Africa believe that this common dream is possible for Africa.

Our Vision:

To connect lives with words, as we become the literary hub for Africa.

Our Mission:

To cultivate a reading and writing culture in Africa, and among her peoples, while also connecting lives through words.

Objectives and Aims

  • Building and developing writers from the African continent.
  • Empowering Africa to own her own – we can and will take responsibility for our Africa through writing and reading, as part contribution to the greater vision of Africa.
  • As part of building towards being a literary hub for Africa, Reader's Café Africa aims to build at least one physical Café in as many African countries as possible. This will be a place for reading, writing, folk tales and mentoring of young people.
  • To involve high school students in writing, mentoring them to write on various topics, thus making them even more responsibly aware of their Africa and owning it.

After all is said and done, “we read to know that we are not alone”.

Enjoy the café.

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  • chris yates

    Great idea - without improved conscientisation and the effective mobilisation of human agency how can the Africans who live and work in Africa, build the Africa they want - It is vital to the processes of continental autonomy and personal well being to resist the continuing excessive external exploitation by outsiders - Africans need to build a home which is fit for, and indeed honours the cradle of human kind. Chris Yates chrisyates007@hotmail.com

    • Ayeza

      Thank you Chris. Africa will indeed own her own - already is on her way. Thanks for affirming the idea.

  • Shariree

    Oh Readers Café I am delighted to have fallen on your website. I share this dream of connecting our African brothers and sisters through the love of words, art, culture and books, through their passion, dedication to take responsibility in whatever they undertake and do it boldly. It is my dream to build Reader's Café throughout this massive continent and considerably involve and train the youth to master words, develop a thirst for knowledge and embrace the artist in them. I would love to get in touch with the team to discuss about this Café. Hoping to connect very soon with you all. Shari

    • Editor

      We are glad that you share this dream with us. Kindly write to our editor should you wish to contribute to what we do. ayeza@readerscafeafrica.com

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