Letters to my Daughter (1): Expectations

Letters to my Daughter (1): Expectations

By Ayanda Xaba, Mzansi

Dear Daughter,

I loved you before we met

Even before the tinkling started

Before intestine area became wonderland

Who could’ve thought you could be accommodated there?

There. I fell in love with you there

I imagined how adorable your face would be

Gap teeth, dimples, and fluffy hair

Definetly Mommy’s sexy eyes

Probably a little replica of Mommy

With Ncane’s smile

Malume’s sense of humour

The whole family’s craziness

A bit of this and that to make you unique

Freedom to be your own person

How I’ll love you! I would chant

I couldn’t wait to meet you

Hold you, and shower you with kisses

I knew from the moment you were conceived

That you’ll be the most loved babygirl in the whole of Africa


With Love;


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