If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time


By Damali of Kyanjja, Africa.


If I could turn back the hands of time, I would choose you.

You were the one.

But in so many ways, I am glad that time cannot be turned back.

That the second hand forces the minute hand forward and the hours turn into a different future.

I am glad I cannot turn back time because you would have been a different kind of future.

A future I am now not willing to explore.

It is true, I would not know if things would have turned out different – say, in a good way,

But I am glad that I am here, right now with a different present;

And the hour hand brings with it a different future…

The kind I am not having the opportunity to regret.

What if we could turn back the hands of time?

I say, no. Please don’t.

There is something here, and now.

Something beautiful.

Something alive.

No. Not something. Rather, someone.

I am here, with you – well, them – and they are now.

I choose now, on any day.

And if I could turn back the hands of time,

I would still choose now.

Now is just about as beautiful as it gets.


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