Non First Date (3)

Non First Date (3)

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Two dates later and we were more inseparable than before. We texted all day and were in a giddy world where talking had become the most important link we could imagine. You told me you hadn’t texted this much in years and I was pleased with myself.

We did a few more group dates, and with each outing you became more attentive. Eventually, I admitted I liked you too, however, I wanted to take things slow. I never had the chance to take things slow so I intended to try the 90 day rule and take intimacy slow.

We did things that lovers do; hand holding, leaning in to each other and pecks on the cheek. Our meetings were more frequent; at this point we met about four times a week. The first time you tried to kiss me I freaked out, for some reason I thought you wanted to go all the way and I wasn’t ready for that commitment.

We had a big fight and neither was willing to see the other’s side. I felt like you weren’t ready to wait and you felt I wouldn’t want you to if I liked you. That was our first big fight and we talked things out. I had never had such a productive fight; we talked, and somehow agreed to disagree. I came to your office and you wouldn’t let me leave. We spoke and held hands and it felt like that afternoon the world paused for us. Your workmates peeked at us, amazed we were holding hands in an office.

The next time you visited me, we sat down on the rug and you had your arm around me. You kissed my cheek, neck, and then turned your head and I met you halfway, our lips touching. You kissed me and it eclipsed my expectations. Each taste of you made me want more and it anchored me in the moment. I got butterflies and it seemed like my first kiss. It was the only one that had been worth waiting for.  Your lips whispered a symphony to mine and my body hummed along, you were leading me on a waltz and I was only too happy to dance along. You drew back, smiled at me and leaned in and kissed me again.

That night our texts were sweeter than ever before. I texted you that I didn’t know why I had been fighting the whole thing and you told me it had been worth the wait. You made me feel like you had waited a lifetime for a moment such as this and wouldn’t mind waiting longer if you could do it again.

I had never had someone wait for me and be patient enough to put my pleasure first even before theirs. The moment felt like a gift. That night was one of my best, because it showed me that your intentions were honorable with a touch of naughty.

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