Non First Date (2)

Non First Date (2)

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Our first date wasn’t a first date, but it was the first alone. After the group date, we were texting all day and late into the night. We were sharing moments and memories even as I pretended to myself that we were just friends. Eventually, you asked when you would see me again. I told you to make me an offer I couldn’t resist.

This time, you asked me to choose the venue. I suggested one of my favorite restaurants and we set a time. When I asked you what I should wear, you told me to wear jeans as you would be less tempted to touch me. That cracked me up, it’s not often that I hear people tell me what they would like to do to me.

7pm came around and you picked me up. I sashayed out in my skin tight jeans and heels and you watched me the whole time as I walked to the car. By the time you opened my door, I was feeling a little shy. You gave me a hug and we drove off.

This time, it was slow and sensual. It was a date date and the atmosphere connived to make it romantic. The music was soulful, the time seemed frozen in a bubble. We spoke for 5 hours and still no one wanted to leave. The candles added to the ambiance and even though I had sworn not to get involved, I found myself curious and drawn to you.

The accidental hand brushes, your eyes meeting mine and holding my gaze – all these made me feel like I belonged. We left and went to a bar, drinking and talking and delaying the inevitable return to separate homes. You kept lightly touching me, pecking my cheek and looking at me intensely and I could tell my attempt to keep you at bay wasn’t going to work.

We compared music tastes, talked and laughed and let each other in; again you asked for your special hug. We walked to the car, and right before you opened my door I leaned in and hugged you. You held me tight and stayed still for a moment. You released me and said that was nice. We got in and drove home. All I could think of was how good that was and I certainly wanted another date.

We hugged again for a minute or so and it felt like a moment suspended in time. Your arms around me and our bodies pressed together, listening to each other’s heart beats. It occurred to me that maybe this was one of the best hugs I had ever received.

I lay in bed, pondering the date and looking forward to many more. You told me that you wanted to see me every Tuesday and Wednesday all through the year. That I should look at it as a standing date.

Suddenly, I knew that my year was looking up. For the first time I had something to look forward to.

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