The Day Through Her Eyes

The Day Through Her Eyes


By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa

He was supposed to be her escape,

The knight in shining armour that swept her off her feet.

He was supposed to be the prince that rescued her,

Like Rapunzel she was stuck in an evil tower.

Parents forever fighting,

Her home felt like hell on earth.

He was supposed to be the breath of fresh air,

Something amazing,


She snuck out to have a feel of some careless laughter,

Some sweet words,

Gentle kisses,

Some loving…


Now her fairytale is crashing down.

She watches her whole life tearing apart,

In this one moment everything is losing sense.

Not even the tears flooding down her cheeks,

Nor any amount of screams,

Can turn this moment into a nightmare and she can wake up painfree.

Not even the kicking and fighting is stopping him,

The prince is really raping her.

He whispers;

“Shhhhh relax, I love you baby”



Is this what love is about?

As she dies emotionally on the floor,

Her back roughly pressed down.

Is this the love she escaped home for?

Who will believe she was raped?

As she ran to this guy against her parents wishes.

Maybe her mother isn’t being abused by her father,

It’s their kind of love.

That’s what love is right?

She is lying there being violated by her love…


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