Philani Tyson Nombika, South Africa:

The energy

Smile tumbling of white bunny rabbits

Squeezing for space within contours when you smile,

That is cute

The flush of bliss when the curtains of your eyes fall

As though allowing the performer to take one last bow.

In appreciation of just how you smile

At how eyes glisten with tears when you really laugh

From the drumming sensation your voice wears as music

Like how the king of soul wears in his shoes glides through the vinyl flooring in a jazz club

You move ceaseless like strings of a professional base guitarist

Like how Nat King Cole influenced the air around him to the flavour of his voice

You are the evening dew that falls on lovers shoulders after a night in the town

Begging for chivalry that is dead

A hug that feels like goodbye with a kiss

The morning after a heavy storm that comes and goes like heart break

The sun that rises bellowing forth light into what was dark

Its been proven that your voice is music to the ears

Your words, lovers arms on a lonely winter afternoon

Your smile

I hope you love like you smile.

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  • Felicia

    Wow ??. That last line. I hope you love like you smile.

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