Sloppy Wet Kiss: Yolanda (4)

Sloppy Wet Kiss: Yolanda (4)

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By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

Yolanda stood frozen in the middle of the room, match stick in hand, in complete and utter shock. How had her father found her? She had been careful. She had paid for the warehouse rental in cash. There was no paper trail. She had made sure she left her mother’s phone at home in case the police found out she was missing and tried to geo-locate her. She had turned off her phone as soon as she had left home. She had an alibi. She was 400km away in another town for work. There is no way her father should have found them.

Yolanda’s mother was caught between two very different emotions. On the one hand she was relieved. Had that knock not come she would have been burnt alive and half cooking by now. On the other hand she was nervous, because as soon as Yolanda opened that door, her husband would find out that she had been cheating on him and she feared what he would do to her. After all, Yolanda was her father’s daughter.

“Open up Yolanda! Now!” her father said, for about the fifth time now. Yolanda’s Mom looked at her and whispered, “Don’t do it. Please don’t.” Yolanda took her mother’s words almost as a dare and she started walking towards the door. “No Yolanda, no!” her mother said again but it only served to strengthen her resolve. Yolanda had concluded in her mind that exposing her mother’s secret to her father would be the ultimate revenge. Yolanda’s father Bill, was a big burly man, a former policeman. He was a very mechanical man who seldom showed any emotion. Some people that knew him could testify to have never seen him smile. The only thing that could break him down though, was his daughter Yolanda. He loved his daughter so much and would do anything of her. His wife would sometimes accuse him of loving Yolanda more than he loved her and he would quip, “It’s your fault for giving me only one child.” This would always make Yolanda’s mom roll her eyes.

Yolanda got to the door and said, “Dad, are you alone?” and he replied, “Yes I am baby girl.” Yolanda unlocked the door and let him in. As soon as he got in he saw his wife tied up to a chair in the middle of the room and it shook him up.

“Yolanda, what have you done!” he said, looking at his helpless wife in the chair.

“Daddy, I found out that Mom,”Yolanda started.

“I know what Mom did” her father interrupted. “I’ve known about it for almost two weeks now.”

“What?” Yolanda exclaimed. “Why didn’t you do anything about it Dad?”

“I was going to,’ he replied. “The first time I found out that your mother was cheating on me I had heard her on the phone saying, “I’m on my way now baby. Give me fifteen minutes.” I had been in the kitchen and she was walking in from the lounge. She thought that I had gone to the gym but that day I had decided not to go. When she found me in the kitchen she was startled and I asked her who she was talking to. “I’m talking to Yolanda. I’m meeting her for a quick coffee.” she had said. I didn’t buy it. As soon as she left I called you and asked you where you were and you said you were at work. I think it was a couple of weeks ago.

“Oh yeah. I remember that day. That’s the only time you’ve ever called me that early in the morning for no reason.” Yolanda said.

“Yes. I then figured that your mother was cheating on me and I decided to follow her the next time she left the house all dressed up. I followed her all the way to your house and watched as she knocked on your front door. I hoped you were home but then to my surprise George opened the door and they kissed before he pulled her in. Good God, I was so angry. I had half a mind to just go in there and knock both their heads in but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it. The shame, the anger, the hurt; it was all too much for me so I just decided to keep stalking them while I figured out what to do. Part of my hesitation was that I didn’t know how to tell you that your mother was having an affair with your fiance! Every Tuesday and Thursday morning and Fridays at lunch they meet and I have been following your Mom for the past two weeks. Sometimes I do it because I hope that one day I will follow her and she won’t go to George and instead go to the mall or something and come back home. Other times I follow her and I want to walk in on them and catch them in the act; but then I can’t trust myself because I would probably kill them both.

And then today I decided that I had had enough. I was going to go and knock on the front door and confront them. I was parked a street away, waiting for your mother to leave the house and go to George and I saw you pull up at the house. I watched you go in and then I saw you come out fifteen minutes later dragging your mom to the car. I saw you drive off and I followed, thinking that she was ill and you were taking her to the hospital. I was then shocked to see you driving to the warehouse and then carrying her inside. I figured that you had found out about George and I knew what you wanted to do. I then left because I figured I would let you handle it since you were the most affected in all of this. But then when I got home I realized that I couldn’t let you do this alone and so I came back”

“So what are we going to do Dad?” Yolanda asked.

“We’re going to make them pay for this.’ her dad replied. “But first, let’s call George.”


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