Paper and Ink: Interconnectedness (6)

Paper and Ink: Interconnectedness (6)


By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

It’s hard to find the one. By “The One”, I mean someone that is your soul mate. Someone that shares your passions; mind, body, heart and soul.

By soul mate, I mean him who takes your breath away and breathes life into your days. The person whose body fits with yours like a puzzle and in whose arms you can dream of eternity. I mean the person who captures your attention and makes you wish everyday could be the day you spend in bliss with him.

It’s easy to date someone and breeze your way through dates, days and months and yet still feel empty at the end of the night. To get exposed and try to get close and yet the faster you move the quicker things fall apart.

A part of us reaches out each time we meet someone new, yearning for a chance to feel complete. Other times we are too afraid to think what we really want that we settle for the first hello or smile that comes our way weeks after a break up. When we choose our lovers based on surface characteristics and desperation, we miss the connection we are craving with someone who understands and gets us.

It’s as simple as knowing who you are not what life makes you want to be. One must be willing to explore past pain, mistakes and regrets and hold onto the lessons. It serves you no good to date the same type that has hurt you before knowing they will never be what you actually need. Instead you must be willing to listen to the loneliness within and fill it with something that will complement you after you fill that hole.

Let go of all the things you expect love to be and instead embrace what life brings you. Choosing a little of this and that doesn’t satisfy you. You have to be willing to search deeper for your inherent needs and meet those.

You can only find true love when you search deep within your soul and accept what it is you really want. The pain, aches and sorrows do birth something new but only after you heal from the pain and let yourself learn to accept love when it finds you again.

To find The one, you must first find yourself.

You choose to allow the heartbreak you have known to change you and shape you, so that you are able to find better. You must believe that the right person is out there and will come when you are ready.

When you are ready to find love, you are in a position to attract what you are searching for.

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