Hope In A Jar

Hope In A Jar

By?Philani Tyson Nombika, South Africa:

Let’s fill these bottles with forgotten dreams instead of the ones that are dying

Let the streets run red of promise and prisons overcrowd in hope

School bags shall carry notes to bring change

Houses shall know no darkness as our eyes will shine brighter than the stars at night

Let broken hearts pave the way to finding ourselves

Change will not come to us lets meet it half way

Wait no more

The future knocks on the back doors running from the past to awaken the present

Let these hands know how to nurture from nature

This skin shall not be a barrier, this skin shall not bury us

These poems should stand above us

Our souls are restless and dreams timeless only our bodies hold us

Leap at every chance to be better, to be bigger

We’ve always had a home in ourselves

Don’t ever doubt your light, its the god in you

Creation lies domant in your tangue

The blood of giants that sleep in the form of mountains gushes in

Our veins like raging storms

We are the soldiers condemned and damned to this earth

Our foot steps still can trace the souls trapped in buried flesh

We march for gods who never get their feet wet

While our feet soak on grounds wet in blood

We will be superheroes to our own fairytale as soon as we wake

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