Alive and Dying

Alive and Dying



By Philani Tyson Nombika, South Africa:

We become airless in a world dense of breathing space

We are bodies pushing through crowds of our own faceless dead corpses

We are living our own worst dreams

With all the character’s dresses in white suits

Whites suits stained from ankle to collar

The stains differ from a struggle to a victory

Seems we pushing to the corpses in front hoping to resurrect life to them

These dreams hunt us

They lay awake when we sleep shaking our semi dead to life hoping to resurrect them

Our dead bodied dreams need CPR they awake us in a state we have come to know as reality

They plead with the boat man

They plead for life for the living

Coin tossing the probability with the boat mans price

They beg for life

These bodies have became the very tombs for our souls

This skin has became the very reason for our our coffins

Our dreams seem dead or dying or just dangling in between

And they shake life into our corpses

We are dying here (minds)

We are dying here (hearts)

Spiritual death realms have more life than this

These dreams beg of us

They beg for us

Slowly they loose hope

They come to us in our sleep to talk life to us, they beg us

These dream’s speak

The boat man sails

In the milky way he roams, searching dead space for life.

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