Month: February 2015

Bulletin Dilution, Reflections

Museveni has the Power to Awaken us from the Slumber

By Nick Twinamatsiko, Uganda: President Museveni says Ugandans, and Africans generally, fail to tap opportunities that would transform their lives and the economy because they are in deep slumber. According to the Daily Monitor of Feb 26, 2015, the President, while commissioning the $15m Tirupati Business Park, said the African continent continues to lag behind the rest of the world […]

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Paper and Ink, Series

Paper and Ink: Femme Aimée (37)

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda: It's raining exes. Literally and figuratively. I just might have to give out numbers so they can assuage me one at a time. I am beginning to think exes have a sensor. Because every time the window is open, even for a little while, they breeze in like afternoon news. You know, 'Hey. I miss you. […]

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Eve's Notes

My Grandfather is Fitter than me.

By Cynthia Ayeza, Uganda: About a week ago, I decided to join a fitness club near where I live. My reason was and is still simple: I have gained weight; also the nature of my work is such that I sit at the computer all day and only leave to eat, drink water or use the lavatory. I have not gone […]

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