Month: September 2012


“In” and “Out”

Lebogang Sewela: “I stopped feeling the way I used to feel about you!” Those magic words that make your heart feel desolate and keep your mind conjecturing. When your partner says those words to you, you find yourself in a dream-zone because it feels like the anti-climax in one of Tyler Perry's romance movies. You hunt for the right words […]

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Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: The Yes Man

By Kizzy Katawonga: You know him. He’s everywhere around us. He's so common we notice him about as much as we notice that back of our hand. He doesn't stand out at all. Nothing out of the ordinary. He never breaks the status quo, never rocks the boat. He's boring and predictable. He gets along with everyone, offending no one. He's […]

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Poetry, Tale Africa

I have been running

By Inet Morudu: I have been running…. Faster than U can Say, “Bolt” I have also tried hiding, In church like a mouse, inside the books, The fridge, even in GOD's presence, Just so that you won't strike me next   Could you not start searching For me next year? Did you perhaps not see somebody Better suited on your […]

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Inspirational, Tale Africa

“Friends with Benefits”

By Owuor Kuyoh: I usually walk into the house on most evenings just in time to dig into the night's culinary cuisine. My timing is so impeccable, on more than one occasion I have strolled in mouthing the word “Amen!” in unison with everyone else. Sadly, no one in my house appreciates an awesome entry so as I stand there […]

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