Month: June 2012

P.s I love You, Series

P.s. I love you: A very happy man

By Andrew Pacutho: Our little conversations continued to happen and I longed for every opportunity which were few for not only were you rarely around but we grew up in the age of no cell phones so you can imagined how every moment was lapped up. The battle in my heart raged and my will power braced itself as I […]

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Short Stories, Tale Africa

Bleeding Hearts

By Emmanuel Adebayo: Anita was trying really hard to mask her unhappiness; it was supposed to be a happy day for both of them, a dream – come true. They had waited for this day with great anticipation. David could see right through her; he stopped what he was doing and moved close to her, hugged her from behind in […]

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Bitten by a monkey!

By Ben Mwine: When I was a little boy, maybe about 5 years old, I, my big brother Kenneth and a bunch of other kids in the neighborhood made quite a reputation; as terrorists! Well at least that's what I think the monkeys must have thought. There were a lot of monkeys which used to visit our neighborhood to eat […]

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Inspirational, Tale Africa

Why Good Girls fall for Bad Boys (Part 2)

By Musanete Sakupwanya: And to finish off this lovely picture I'll give you two more reasons why good girls fall for bad boys. Deep breath everybody: FACT: Good girls know what to reject, but also want to be 'pursued', and are therefore terrible at rejecting! Any guy knows (ladies please listen) that persistence will kick the butt out of any […]

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