Month: May 2012

Series, The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Who am I really?

By Kizzy Katawonga: “You know, if you were to take away my wife and daughter, I don't think I know who I am” A dear friend and I were enjoying some open and raw thoughts; the words came pouring out unbidden. We didn't get into it much more than that as some distraction or other took our attention off the […]

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Short Stories, Tale Africa

Never again (1)

By Mpuga Rukidi: Everyone was quiet. You could drop a pin and hear it make all roundabouts before it decided to settle, and be quiet like the rest of the people inside the derelict, 1923 erected sub county headquarters-cum courtroom. You could feel and touch the tension. It was the day judgment was to be delivered. Everyone sat spellbound, like […]

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AfriWork, English Tutor

“More” and “Most”

Often, people mean something but use the wrong word for it. For example, most people will say, “Most importantly…” And yet, what they mean to say is, “More importantly…” “Most” should be used once all options have been exhausted or when one is certain it is the final option, whereas “More” suggests there could be other options, in which case […]

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Till reality do us part!

By James Lutaaya Esq.: Never has a sentence been said with uncertainty than, 'Till death do us part.' This oath of many a marriage is breached by an average 40% in the world through divorces. The brave, selfless, genuinely happy (and lucky to find a similar spirited soul mate) and realistic ones about marriage, last the distance; the rest, the […]

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Inspirational, Tale Africa

A few good men

By Owuor Kuyoh: On my way to and from work every weekend, I almost always stumble onto the same scenario. A mother, with a child on her back, and three or four other kids in successive height and age – if they stand next to each other they form a flight of stairs…and when they walk hand in hand…you guessed […]

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