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Are we a chronically distracted society?

By Suntosh Pillay: Are we killing our creative processes through mindless misadventures in cyberspace? How often do you have a completely uninterrupted space where you can just sit and think, pondering life's mysteries in silence? Personally, I lack enough creative pauses. My cellphone, like a battery-powered limb, relentlessly entices me with its flashing red light. A chance for quiet serenity […]

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Cracking the “complicated” code

By Suntosh Pillay: Does your relationship status on Facebook create mystery or clarity? A caller to a TV show quipped that “relationships are harder now because conversations become texting, feelings become phone calls, and arguments become Facebook statuses or tweets”. Our digital age does come with unforeseen hazards that can, quite literally, make or break relationships. A huge influence that […]

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