Chick Flick (7)


By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa

Thanks to social media, Lethabo contacted me. She isn’t the Facebook, Twitter, instagram type but she created an account on Facebook and searched for me. That’s the platform where you are guaranteed to find me in. I got an inbox from a strange name. At first I ignored it, she then commented on a picture and asked me to read my inbox. I was surprised, happy too. Why did she use a fake name? Who cares! I gave her my digits and she called almost immediately. She was hysterical! Started shouting about how she was scared she had lost me.

“I thought you were dead! Dude! Don’t ever do that to me again!”

A moment of silence to let that sink in… And that is how Lethabo Tau found her way back into my life. We reconnected so fast. I had missed her terribly. We spoke about anything and everything. It almost felt like the older days, just a bit better. After a month or two after we reconnected she surprised me with a visit. I was so happy to see her. I think we spoke very little that first night though. Our bodies had too much to say to each other so our mouths gave them the space. That was also the first time I had the liberty to hold her new curves. Lord have mercy! I whispered to her; “I love your curves” so many times she probably thought “this one never liked my slender body” at some point. And that’s not true, stru! I was just enjoying the fuller her. Don’t judge me okay? Our lips were locked most of the evening. I’m serious. I love her lips and it had been years since I kissed her, I couldn’t get enough. She came back with some new moves and toys too. Damn it! The girl made love to me so good I was in tears. I love her so much! That night I feel head over hill all over again, a thousand times over. Orgasms do that a woman. I wasn’t the one leading her that night. Two years apart and she came back a fierce leader, I loved it.

The next morning I woke up exhausted from the orgasms of the previous night. I felt like I wouldn’t want sex again for years, but I couldn’t be that crazy. Lethabo was only around for the weekend. We had to make the most of the time we had together. We rushed to the beach – our favourite spot – to create more memories. We are both lovers of water so much, it is funny really. We even enjoy the showers we take together. We came back to my flat early. Miss Tau claimed to have a headache and needed to lie down. She’s very sneaky! There I was preparing medicine for her after we took a shower, and she comes out of the bedroom wearing a lingerie. Because she just couldn’t wait until we came back later that night after some fancy dinner I thought we would have at the restaurant by the beach. By the way, she prefers home cooked meals rather than eating out. I’m the one who is lazy to cook. I don’t remember much of what happened after she came out in a lingerie. Or maybe I just don’t want to tell you. But there is one thing that kept ringing in my mind afterwards. We were busy making love when she whispered; “Don’t ever forget me.” Like that was even possible! When I came back from accompanying her on Sunday morning my body was in pain. It was aching in strange places. I got back at the flat and inspected it, I had bites and scratches all over. She made sure that I not only remember her visit, but also that I wouldn’t dare expose my body to another woman for a while. How would you explain such marks to another person? Not that I had any intention to sleep with someone else. I wanted to treasure every memory of her. That was the blissful weekend in early 2018, the last time I saw Lethabo.

Present Day

It’s been months since that beautiful weekend and things somehow always get in the way. I was planning to go to Lesotho this winter but circumstances wouldn’t let me. It seems like I’m the one who is always slacking right? Life! If it’s not this it’s that and before you know it, a couple of this and that have created a wedge in the relationship. I know better than to let that happen to us again. I am sharing our story to give hope to you dear reader. True love does exist. It may not be movie perfect. It will have its fair share of bullshit but if it’s meant to be, all of it will work out. When you find the right person you will know, you won’t need anyone to tell you. I have found my one. I knew it the moment I saw her taking pictures on that April day in 2016.

Her absence have definitely made my heart to grow fonder. I yearn for her everyday. I miss her company; the inspiring conversations, the pure laughter, and the honest advice when I start to go astray. I miss her body. I miss playing with her dreadlocks, holding every inch of her close to me, her soft kisses… Heck! I even miss her funny little toes. As I am writing this now, I am at the Durban Station waiting to board my bus to Lesotho. In just a few hours I will be in the presence of the love of my life.