City of Love (8)


By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda

The days we were apart flew by and we spoke like there was nothing between us. The daily calls and messages assured me that I was still on SK’s mind even though I was miles away. He was constant and I loved it. I became accustomed to having his voice in my ear and in my head every day.

Even with the time differences or his busy schedule, he still took a moment to call even though it involved waking me up. I was the happiest I had been with him. I longed to see him and he felt the same. Every time I travelled home by some coincidence he wasn’t around so all we had to go by was the phone communication.

Finally, it was time to go home and coincidentally my birthday. He called that morning to wish me a happy birthday and I was excited wondering what he had planned. I didn’t want to get my hopes up just in case he was busy and hadn’t planned anything. So I kept calm and packed my stuff happy to go.

My client was so happy with the results of the design and promised to call me for any updates or new work that needed doing. He wanted us to go for a celebratory dinner but I told him I couldn’t stay. Besides, how could I go for dinner when all I thought about was SK.

That evening, I boarded the flight, happy to be going home to all the goodness that awaited me. SK was at the airport awaiting me. I was surprised because he had told me he was busy and would see if he could spare some time to see me. He hugged me so tight and whispered in my ear, “I missed you baby girl.” I sighed and let out all the pent up emotions and fears I had when we were apart. I was here and so was he, we would make it through this.

He asked that he we pass by my apartment so we could drop off my luggage and then he wanted us to go for dinner just the two of us. I was excited and said yes. We turned into the driveway and entered the gate. In front of my door was a car bow wrapped. It hit me just then, that he had got me a car.

OMG Hun. You didn’t have to.

I wanted to love. I wanted to get you something special to show you that this isn’t a fluke. I want us to explore where this can go babe.

His words brought tears to my eyes. He was serious about me. I was glad that this meant something to him too and hoped that he would always feel this way about me.

I entered my apartment and wore the sexiest dress in my wardrobe. I wore my new lingerie, there was a chance he would see me out of my dress tonight. It would be our first night together after months of talking and flirting. I was so excited to see where this night would go.I took a little extra time with my make up because I wanted to look good for him. After all, he was worth it.

Tonight would be the best birthday ever. I stepped out of the door and his mouth dropped open.

Wow. You look hot.                                                                                      

Thanks honey. Let’s go have a good time.

He opened my door and helped me into the car. He shut the door and entered his side. He pecked my cheek, and then drove off to the restaurant.


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