City of Love (7)

City of Love (7)


By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda

SK and I grew even closer in spite of my misgivings until it felt like we were two parts of one whole. He was the first and last voice I heard every day and the best part too. He inspired me like no other, every moment a revelation of how limitless my creativity was.

The work I did in the months after he came into my life blew my clients away. Their houses came to life with passion and a vivid presence. I was excited about life and work for the first time. I felt like everything I wanted was within reach.

Around this time, a prominent business man heard about my work and invited me to his country to decorate his new house. I was elated that I was finally going to Paris. It’s not every day that you got to do your dream job in your dream town. The weeks leading up to the travel were filled with frenzied and desperate communication between SK and I.

I’m going to miss you Vickie. I can’t believe you’re leaving when I just found you.

I’m not leaving forever my dear. It’s just a couple of weeks.

It feels like forever. I like having you near me.

But you don’t even see me that much. Half the time you’re busy with work.

Still. I like knowing you’re within reach when I need you.

We’ll still talk everyday though, right?

You know I can’t get enough of talking to you.

I thought that before I left, SK and I would have stolen moments, or a date or something. But between my whirlwind of activities gathering samples and ideas for the client and his work schedule we didn’t see each other. My final night came and that night he didn’t text.

I fell asleep feeling like the space between us had become vast and unimaginable. I woke up and still hadn’t heard from him. I packed my bags and had an uber drop me at the airport.

When I boarded the plane, before we set off, I took a picture and sent to him.

I’ve left. See you around.

His call came seconds later.

Hey baby girl. Thought you would pass by to say bye.

L You seemed busy. I didn’t want to intrude.

I’m never busy for you. You know that.

Will you miss me?

You know I will Vickie. Let me know when you land.

I hang up the phone and when the plane took off, I could feel the miles between SK and I growing almost like a physical pain.

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