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Temptations (Finale)

By Samuel Sebbowa Bunnya, Uganda 


He heard her calling out for him not to go. Adam just did not care. He had to get out. He was out of the office ignoring his small cubicle and the things which he had left there. He had his phone and wallet on him, so he could leave the rest at the office. He did not want to give Pauline a chance to set another trap.

I will get them tomorrow.

He was racing out towards the stairs. He took them three at a time. He slammed through the door of the main building and raced towards the gate. It was open and Adam knew that Felix the watchman was outside keeping an eye on the premises. Adam did not care. He had to get away as soon as possible.

Before Adam knew it he was racing down the road towards the taxi stage. He did not care that he looked like a mad man. He needed to get far away from the office. He would deal with the consequences later. The only good thing he could think of was the fact that Izzizi was located in a near residential area.

Within no time he was at a stage. There were no taxis in sight. The traffic along Gaba road was not heavy. Most of the cars had passed by in the early evening traffic, after all it was the middle of the week.

“Where are the damn cars?”

He checked his watch and saw that it was almost eleven in the night. He took a look back up the road. There were flashing headlights of a car coming down. He knew that he could not waste any more time. Pauline could drive down any time and offer him a lift. It would be hard to deny the lift at the road.

Adam crossed the road and started to walk briskly along the road heading in the direction of the city. Some few passers-by kept looking back at him as he walked briskly along the road. By some chance a boda boda wheezed past him on the road. It had no passenger on it..

“Sebbo,” Adam called quickly. “Sebbo.” Adam started to run after it. “Boda.” It started to slow down as Adam kept calling for it.

Adam was panting as the rider turned back and rode up to him. The rider had a thick red helmet on his head. He lifted up the visor and the stench of alcohol hit Adam straight in the face. Adam took in the man’s look. He wore a heavy green jacket with the dirtiest khakis that Adam had ever seen.

“Where are you going?”

“One moment,” Adam said trying to catch his breath.

He took a glance behind and saw the bright blue lights of a car recognised. He knew the number plate. He hoped that she did not see him as she drove on her way home. He turned round and knew that the Temptation had just started and he had to be careful. He lowered his head just as Pauline drove past in her white Toyota land cruiser. All he could do was get home and pray that the consequences would not be so bad.

“Sebbo where are you going?”

Adam looked back to the boda boda rider. “Home.” He was starting to relax. “Nsambya near the American Embassy.”

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