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Temptations (2)


By Samuel Sebbowa Bunnya, Uganda 

Adam looked up. He was alarmed when he saw that the boss was observing him thoughtfully. He had asked her about his salary increment a few days ago and she had only smiled saying that he had worked well with her. Adam had become even more suspicious that the office grapevine was right. Mrs Pauline Kiwanuka wanted him for other reasons and was using her power to make sure he could not say no.

Pauline took any opportunity to touch him when they working together; a soft lingering touch on his arm, a gentle slap of his shoulder, a small poke in the chest and the dangerous peck on the cheek whenever greeting him. Pauline would laugh at all his jokes, even the lousy ones. He also noticed the dark look she would give him whenever he was talking to his beautiful lady.

As if on cue, his phone started to buzz. He knew that it was Alicia calling. He did not have to look at the screen. He had told her he would be working late and she had said it was okay. He pulled out the phone and could not help the smile that wormed its way onto his face as her picture flashed. Adam picked up the call.

His eyes connected with Pauline’s and he knew he should not have taken the call. But it was Alicia. His angel. His queen. And one day soon…his wife. He was not going to avoid her call just because Mrs Pauline Kiwanuka was trying to tempt him to cheat. He looked away as he answered Alicia’s questions. He did not lie about anything even telling her that Pauline was there working with him. Adam saw the anger and hatred flash through Pauline’s eyes as he told Alicia how much he loved her.


He looked up and saw that Pauline was pacing the room. She looked at him then her watch as she kept circling him. Adam knew he had to end the conversation because he had never seen his boss that angry. He said his goodbye quickly and promised to call Alicia once he was done. He hung up the call and placed his phone back in his pocket. He did not look up happy to listen to the heavy breathing and pacing of Pauline.


Adam felt like some piece of meat and Pauline was the hunter. He could see her shadow going round him endlessly. He dared to look up but looked away as he caught sight of Pauline’s shapely behind swaying as she sashayed round him. He could feel the sweat trailing down his neck as kept his focus on the black shoes that covered his feet. He knew what she was trying to do.


Pauline broke the silence. “What is so special about…what’s her name?”

“Alicia,” Adam said hesitantly.

“Yes, so what is so special about her?” Pauline asked. She was still pacing the room in circles with Adam being the centre. “What makes you smile like you have just been given new life when you speak to her?”

“I don’t know.” Adam had no business telling his boss about Alicia and how special she was. “I just love her.”

“Believe me that love will go away,” Pauline said calmly.

“It won’t,” Adam countered confidently.

“How can you be sure?”

“Because I wake every morning choosing her,” Adam said. He slapped his hand over his mouth realising what he had just said. Shit, she was not supposed to know that.

Pauline laughed at him. She had stopped circling him like some animal. He looked up and saw the strange angst in her eyes. “Are you one hundred percent sure about that Adam?”

“Yes,” he answered in a low tone.

“I am pretty sure if I was to come up on you right here, right now, you would see me in the same light.”

There it was. He knew it. He had always known it. Adam had confirmed his suspicions about Pauline two months ago. She had invited him to a ‘dinner meeting’, only to find that they were in a date like situation. He had stormed off and left her alone in the restaurant. The next day at the office he had found himself in her office and Pauline was a lot more forward. She had asked him to be her boyfriend with subtle hints. Of course he had refused but that was not going to stop her.

She had continued insisting on asking him to be her boyfriend. That was how he had ended up in her office late on a Wednesday night trying to put her off.

“Well?” Pauline demanded.

“Well what?” Adam asked. He had regained some of his lost composure. “All I know is that you are my boss and that is all.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Adam, please, no one will know about this,” Pauline cooed. “And you know there will be some perks to doing this.” She walked towards him forcing him to take a few steps back until his back was against the wall. “You know that we both want this.” She turned her head to the side and offered him a seductive smile.

Adam shook his head. “I do not.” He swallowed some saliva as his eyes flinched towards her rising bosom that was hidden in the dress. He wanted to touch her breasts. He was a man after all and Pauline Kiwanuka was a sexy woman. “I swear I do not want you,” he insisted more for himself.

“Your eyes are checking me out.” She stood right in front of him. She placed one of her slender fingers on his chest and traced a line on his shirt all the way to his belt buckle.

“Please stop that,” Adam croaked.


“It is inappropriate.”

“Are you going to report me to HR?” Pauline demanded playfully. “Or have you forgotten that I am part of HR too?” her finger played with his belt buckle. “I am sure we can compensate you enough for my inappropriate behaviour.”

Adam felt his nether regions stir gently. He had to get away from her. “No.” He pulled her hand away from his belt buckle before she started to unbuckle it.

Pauline stepped closer to Adam. There was only an inch between her face and his chest. He was scared because she was making it a lot more difficult. For a woman Pauline was tall, but Adam was still taller than her. He looked down into her eyes. Any man would sink into them. Her rising chest lightly touched his hand. He could not help looking at her ample chest.

“You’re looking at my boobs. Don’t you want to touch them?” She grabbed his other hand in her soft palm. He froze at the confidence in her touch. “Don’t you like it when we are touching like this?” She closed her eyes and smiled in satisfaction. “This feels perfect Adam.”

I have to get out of this place.

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