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Temptations (1)

By Samuel Sebbowa Bunnya, Uganda 

“Come on nawe,” she begged. “We are all alone. I even sent Waiswa away early today.”

“No madam,” Adam insisted. “I am sorry.”

“Why are you apologising if you have done nothing wrong, Adam?”

“I do not even know what you want,” Adam said scared. He had fallen into another of her traps. He should have known that her insistence that they had a report to finish before the next morning should have sent the alarm bells ringing.

That is what I get for taking my work seriously, Adam thought ruefully.

“You should already know what I want Adam.” Pauline smiled at him coyly. She passed her hand through her thick hair seductively. “It is one of the reasons I want to work with you alone.”

He remained silent looking over her. Adam could not deny that she was an attractive woman. Pauline Kiwanuka did not look thirty five. She was a slender lady and many of the office interns admired how she took care of herself. Adam had been forced to go with her to the gym on many occasions and he had seen more than he wished he could have seen of his boss’ amazing body.

She had a small heart shaped face with a small straight nose. Her large almond shaped eyes screamed at any man to take her to bed. Even her thick dark natural hair glistened with carefully applied oils. Adam’s eyes trailed over her curves that were made more obvious by the body hugging black dress that she wore to work. Her long never ending legs crossed and uncrossed drawing his eyes to them.

“Madam if there is nothing else for me to do…”

Adam trailed off as her eyes flashed with anger. “I have told you that you can call me Pauline outside office hours and when no one is around.”

“Yes madam.”

Adam heard her hiss in irritation. He knew not to annoy her. He lowered his eyes and avoided eye contact. He heard the shuffle of her dress and realised she was on her feet. He could not help looking at her breasts that were screaming to be released from the body hugging dress.

“I will be going home now,” he whispered.

He started to move towards the door but was surprised by how quick Pauline was. Even in the gym, she had never displayed her fleet footedness. Adam stopped in his steps as Pauline stood between him and his escape.

“You will go when I say we are done with the report.” Her voice was firm.

Adam swallowed some saliva knowing he was in for a long night, if he did not escape. He let out a deep sigh understanding that his boss would try to get what she wanted by hook or crook.

Mrs Pauline Kiwanuka was the boss at Izzizi Foundation. She was the Executive Director, and he was simply the Program Officer for one of their projects. Adam had worked with her for over a year, and initially things had been going on well. But strangely, Adam had found himself in many awkward situations with the boss. He did not understand what made her attitude towards him change.

Pauline had started to insist on working often with him. Every time she had an opportunity, she was taking Adam along with her for meetings. Many times he found himself being asked to stay late and work with her. Often he found her looking at him strangely, but she would laugh it off. Sometimes she would start talking to him about personal things, asking for his opinions and in a few instances making a few remarks one should make to their significant other.

He had started to notice the odd looks he was getting from the rest of his colleagues. Sometimes he would walk into the kitchen and the conversation would stop. He had wondered about it until the office driver, Waiswa, had let him know about the rumours going through the organisation. Apparently, everyone at Izzizi knew that the boss wanted to be Adam’s lover apart from him.

Adam was shocked, but he had started to see the signs. He had become more vigilant. He paid more attention to his boss’ behaviour. He saw it in all the little things and big things that she did.

Strangely, his pay had somehow been increased for good performance. He did not mind it, but he felt he did not deserve it. On finding out a bit more, Adam had discovered that Pauline had insisted on giving him a raise. The finance officer had told him that the boss said he needed a raise because of all the extra hours he was putting in. Adam knew that if it came to it, anyone else would put in the hours as long as Pauline demanded it.

But she only demands it of me.

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