Rebabedi (5)

Rebabedi (5)


By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa

Thabisile’s room has been repainted with a lilac colour because she felt it needed some liveliness. She has put brown tree-branch flowers on the right corner of the house where the study desk is placed. Next to it is her bar fridge and microwave ontop of it, thereafter lies the table with her two-plate over stove and a pot stand. Towards the door there is a purple single couch and infront of it the single bed that carries her through to dreamland. The right side of the room is reserved to be the bathroom area, this is where she bathes in her plastic basin because she doesn’t want to share the showers that are outside.

Thabi is sitting on the couch reading a magazine when she hears a faint knock on the door.

“Come in Mbali” she says softly.

She has teased Mbali a lot about her whispered knock and Mbali insists it’s her signature just like the police bang the door to make a statement. She calls it the ‘lady knock’. Mbali comes in looking down and throws herself on Thabi’s bed.

“What did Mark do?” Thabi asks placing the magazine on her lap.

“His wife…”

Thabi exclaims. She shakes her head and throws her hands in the air everytime she hears something that surprises her.

Mbali continues; “So she knows about the affair and now they are treatening to tell Sibo. Can you believe that they told me to break up with him?”

“No,” the word manages to escape through Thabi’s mouth that is covered by both her hands.

“I can’t lose Sibo my friend. Do you think I should just tell him about Mark?”

Thabi removes the hands and lets out a deep breath before responding; “Sleep on it. But I think Daddy is a reasonable person.”

There is a brief silence before Mbali asks; “So, how are things with Ka-gi-so?”

Thabi smiles.

“I guess the twin is treating you well.” Mbali continues.

“He is shame. Can you believe that I haven’t met his twin?”

Mbali takes out her phone from her handbag. “Well I investigated them for you,” she saying browsing through the phone. “The other twin is Andile Kwena Motaung, he is working at Pwc as a graduate trainee.” She gives Thabi the phone so she can see the picture.

Thabi studies the phone as she says; “Kagi is doing his second year mos… the twin is handsome mara.”

“Our Kagi changes courses and is very playful. He also has a reputation like that of our Daddy…”


“Yes, but they are a close family. Their family home is somewhere in Midrand and their parents have businesses around Pretoria.”

Thabi claps her hands as she says; “Wow! Look at you Miss Journalist.”

Mbali laughs.

“So this Andile character is smart?”

Mbali nods; “Yep, he is an A student. He’s a nerd and doesn’t really go to parties and fool around like his twin brother. Don’t say you’re falling for Kwena now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous I like Kagi and his craziness. He asked me to come for dinner with his parents after exams.” Thabi blinks rapidly after saying this – another habit.

“But you’re writing your final exam this Wednesday.” Mbali points out the obvious.

“And we’re going there on Sunday for their family lunch.”

“Isn’t too soon?”

Thabi shrugs as she says; “I guess it is but why not? Life is too short man.”

Mbali jumps up in excitement and pats Thabi on her right shoulder with her left hand. She is left handed which is another thing they have in common with Mark, the other is them being coloured. Mbaliyethu Jacobs is a product of a white man and a Zulu woman. Her parents married and they live in Durban with her siblings.

“That’s the spirit!” Mbali exclaims. “I’ll help you dress up so you can dazzle that Ayanda woman.”

“Their mother?”

“Yes, she owns uhm…”

“What?” Thabi asks with a frown.

Mbali sits on the arm of the couch, she was trying to intentionally leave this detail out. She says carefully; “She’s my boss.”

Thabi does her exclaiming habit.

“Relax friend Ayanda isn’t a fussy woman, she doesn’t even care about fashion. That’s why she owns a sports magazine.”

“Give me a little info about her.”

“I also didn’t know she’s Kagi’s mother until I investigated the twins. Formerly known as Ayanda Xaba; she is now Mrs. Motaung, mother of twin boys and wife to businessman Kefiloe Motaung.”

Thabi says slowly; “This is going to be a rough ride.”

Mbali gives a naughty smile; “I like rough,”

Thabi laughs.

“You can ask Sibo.” Mbali says and winks.

“Stop it, dirty child!”

They both laugh.


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