No One But You

No One But You

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

She never wanted anything but you

Every man before or after you

Was clothed in your memory.

You filled her mind

Her heart ached for more of you.

Every kiss, every touch,

Felt like remembrance of your embrace.

Sometimes it frightened her, how much she wanted you

Every moment between you two was intense.

No one could live up to you,

The memory of you overwhelmed everyone she let in.

Even while sleeping she could feel the distance

She always woke up alone, you were gone.

You left when she was dreaming about you

She woke up alone and abandoned.

She still feels abandoned, but only wants you

Maybe then she will feel worthy of love

After all you came back even when she wasn’t perfect.

The holes in her ego can’t be fixed by anything but you

And yet you’re the reason they exist.

She sees your face in every stranger on the street

And hopes someday you will walk up to her.

Tell her it was all a mistake

And you want her back.

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