Someday Maybe

Someday Maybe

By Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

It hurts to see you everyday

And yet not seeing you hurts even worse.

It feels like a lump on my heart

Smothering me the more it grows

I smell your perfume on my bed

And thoughts of you invade my head

Every night I try to sleep

Every time I think deep.

I toss and turn and squeeze my eyes shut

I don’t want to look at the pillow that’s meant to be yours

Or feel the emptiness that’s here when you’re not.

I feel you for days and nights,

Your scent wraps itself around me.

It gets worse with every breath,

I wonder if you’re with Beth.

It feels right and wrong to want you this way

When you aren’t mine.

And if I can’t be yours now

I’ll wait here in the wings

Until you want me enough to walk away

Until you want me more than her

Until you want me by your side

I’ll be yours someday, if you let yourself walk away.

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