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The Gift of Stories

By Edith Kembabazi, Uganda I am a bibliophile, what the wordsmiths define as a collector and lover of books. In my formative years, reading was my first love and writing, a very close second. As the years went by, I grew to love writing more and more until there came a time when I couldn’t read without writing my thoughts […]

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Is it just me?

By Iteti: Is it just me or are babies crying louder than they used to? Tugging at their mothers' skirts as crocodile tears run down their faces! I WANT SODA! MUMMY, SODA! Waaaaaaaaa…! Is it just me or has the plight of the suburban three-year old been reduced to soda depravity and a mother's first and smartest move reduced to granting her […]

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Eve's Notes

She revisited

By Iteti: Writing is awesome! Why? It jogs my memory; takes me back to things, people and places long forgotten – verses, prose, decisions, resolutions. It reminds me of the things I was thinking way back when I seemed to have a clearer head than I do now. It reminds me of the woman I aspired to be back then, […]

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Beauty in the Mending, Series

Beauty in the Mending: Zaria Leaves

By Iteti: “Honeybee, wake-up!” It sounded like a distant cry. Desperate and filled with longing. I should wake up, she thought. Sleep seemed to be her favourite companion these days. Today she would be sent away. She would have to leave Koakor for the missionary camp. A six-hour journey she was not willing to make, but had to because of […]

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