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Letters to you, as I pursue you.

P.s I love You, Series

P.s I love You: Talking to the moon

By Andrew Pacutho: The night is indeed beautiful. It's when I am most awake and alive. With our constant load shedding the blacked out cityscape gives way to a well light sky with stars sparkling all over transforming the heavens to a magnificent canvass of brilliant colour and light. It's magical. But there are seasons when the stars give way […]

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P.s I love You, Series

P.s. I love you: I will live for you

By Andrew Pacutho: I remember the first time I saw your tears. I was terrified. That day was wonderful. We had spent the afternoon together as always and we had not argued about anything. You can be pretty strong minded sometimes, so not having to argue was great (I smile). I remember we talked about so many things and then […]

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