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A Son’s Betrayal (Finale)

By Samuel S. Bunnya, Uganda

He placed a faint smile on his face as he reached out to his father. The Great Father smiled at Orhóvihir. He used his hand and helped Orhóvihir sit on the ground.

“My son, maybe one day I will explain it all to you.”

“Explain what?” Orhóvihir asked.

“Your vision will plunge the whole world into darkness.” The Great Father placed his hand on Orhóvihir’s cheek. “I am doing this for all of creation.”

Orhóvihir did not trust his father. From what the darkness was telling him, the Great Father wanted nothing more than a world full of ignorant people. As long as he remained the Great Father, then the world would forever be blind to all its potential. Orhóvihir looked into the Great Father’s eyes searching for any remorse. There was none; only sadness and fear of the unknown swum in the ancient pools of wisdom of the Great Father.

How can he be so wise and so foolish at the same time?

Orhóvihir was furious but he had to hide it. He knew the time had come for a new age; an age of enlightenment and evolution. He would lead that age and honour his father by proving to him that he was afraid for nothing. It had to be done, and there was no one else to do it but him. He would make the others see why his way was the best way.

He took a breath and placed his hands on his father’s shoulder. Orhóvihir reached out once more to the Great White Star. He had more energy than before. The darkness which had been reduced by the smouldering fire of the Great Father, was slowly and weakly gripping his heart once more. He felt the Great White Star reaching out to him. Using his mind, Orhóvihir gripped the hilt and pulled it towards him.

He saw the ancient weapon sail through the air like a swallow. He Shoved his father backwards just as the star struck the old man through the back. Orhóvihir whispered into the air around them and watched as lightening came down from the heaven striking the hilt of the Great White Star. His father let out a scream of agony as the Great White Star burned into his back. The sharp blade of the star came out through Orhóvihir’s father’s chest.

His father reached out for him, but Orhóvihir moved to the side. The Great Father tumbled forward just as Orhóvihir got to his feet. Orhóvihir watched his father try to reach for the hilt of the Great White Star, but he could not. The Great Father staggered until he collapsed on the very edge of the cliff. He tried to get up. Orhóvihir smiled as the Great Father sunk to the ground with the hilt sticking out of his back. His gaze was on Sedralours.

“Why?” The Great Father’s voice was cracked.

“Because it had to be done.”

The Great Father turned his gaze to Orhóvihir. The anger and hatred were back. But so was weakness, age and fear. He stretched his hands out to call his Israfel and Eiael to him. Orhóvihir was having none of it. He got to his feet and took three steps towards his father. He could hear the two ancient blades crackling once more with lightning. He was both frightened and shocked that the Great Father still that much power with him.

Orhóvihir gripped the hilt of ancient weapon. He could feel the power of the Great White Star and the darkness once more. He pulled out the blade. Orhóvihir closed his eyes knowing that he was about to be the Great Father. His father turned his face so that he was staring into Orhóvihir’s eyes.

“You do not know what you have done.”

Orhóvihir let all the Darkness take hold of him. He let it course through him fusing once more with his being. With one mighty and thunderous cry, Orhóvihir thrust his ancient weapon into his father’s back. His father gasped at the force which Orhóvihir had used. Orhóvihir pulled out his blade and used his foot to send his father over the cliff. The two ancient blades Eiael and Israfel followed their master over the cliff towards the Ancient Veil. It was odd, as Orhóvihir knew the two blades answered to the Great Father, and he was the Great Father.

He ignored the feeling of dread that was creeping up on his heart. “And now comes the age of true wisdom.”

“What have you done, Orhóvihir?”

Orhóvihir turned to see his youngest brother Anil rushing past him and over the cliff to try and save their father. Orhóvihir scoffed as he peered down over the cliff. He could see the white light of Anil’s cloak shinning as the youngest son of the Great Father rushed towards the falling body of the Great Father, which was enveloped by a dark light of silver, gold and red as it drew closer to the veil. He turned his back on the sight. He had to go and announce to the Great Realm that there was a new Great Father.

But what Orhóvihir did not see, was the Great Father truly forsaking him and blessing Anil.


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