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A Son’s Betrayal (7)

By Samuel S. Bunnya, Uganda

“I cannot destroy my own creation – my own son,” the Great Father whispered.

“Why?” Orhóvihir crawled closer to his father. He could feel the darkness gathering into his limbs. He could feel his strength starting to return. “I thought you could not let one who has allowed the darkness back into the Great Realm to live.”

“Because I love your mother and your mother loved you.” The Great Father’s hands were shaking as he held onto the two blades. “It is the only reason that I will let you live…” The Great Father trailed off as he turned away from Orhóvihir. “You must be punished and sealed away for your sins, my son.”

“What sins?” Orhóvihir screamed. “I only seek to enlighten the world.”

“You are tainted just like those you seek to enlighten and I cannot allow you out in the world.” The Great Father turned to look at Orhóvihir. There was regret written on every line on the old man’s face. “And I cannot allow you to stay here. The darkness will make you corrupt your brothers and sisters. I can sense it reaching for you once more, and I can sense you reaching for it. It will make you lead the others in the Great Realm astray. That is why I must seal you away in Aeukathaer.”

“Aeukathaer?” Orhóvihir whispered. His strength and that of the darkness was creeping back. “Why? You were part of the darkness.”

“Yes.” The Great Father offered Orhóvihir a small sad smile. “I was. But I am no longer part of it. I am the Great Father; creator of this realm and the others. I must protect my creation from those who might seek to destroy it. And the Darkness seeks to destroy everything that I created. By aligning yourself with that great evil, seek the same thing.”

His father was mad. “Destroy creation?” Orhóvihir was shocked. “All I seek to do is to guide it into evolution.”

The Great Father took a deep breath. It seemed he was set on trying to reason with Orhóvihir one more time. He let go of Israfel and Eiael and let them hover in the air. He turned away from Orhóvihir and looked back at the great towers of Ear-el. Orhóvihir heard the heavy sigh of his father as the Great Father finally turned back to him. The old man walked to Orhóvihir who was still on the ground after their duel. Orhóvihir looked into his father’s eyes that had none of the hatred they had before.

“The world you seek is an illusion Orhóvihir,” the Great Father said.


“Do you know why you were able to reach out to the darkness?” his father asked.

Orhóvihir did not want to listen to his father’s reasoning concerning the darkness; an entity that he had been part of’ an entity that all creation came from.

“You call it a darkness yet we are all created from it,” Orhóvihir reasoned.

“I am part of it, yes. I agree to that.” The Great Father looked exhausted. “But the Great Realm is not. I broke away from the darkness by sheer force of will. I tempted your mother with a vision of a beautiful future. Out of the darkness that was in us, we birthed all thirteen of you, my son. We created this place as a safe heaven for us and you. But the darkness was all around us and sought to destroy what its errant son and daughter had created.”

“And that is when you created the others – your armies,” Orhóvihir said.

“The other inhabitants of the Great Realm are not soldiers,” the Great Father whispered.

“What are they?” Orhóvihir asked. “They are not like us. They resemble us, but are not like us. They are not like the men in Sedralours. And they are not like you.”

“They are companions to you and your siblings,” the Great Father said. “They are the souls blessed to see the greatness of the Great Realm.”

“And why shouldn’t the men in Sedralours see its greatness?” Orhóvihir asked.

“Opening the world to this possibility open the world to seek everything.”

“Is that so bad?” Orhóvihir asked.

“Everything good and bad.”

“And is it so bad?” Orhóvihir repeated.

“We should leave men to be,” the Great Father argued. “Let them evolve as they would without interference from us.” The Great Father stretched his hand and touched Orhóvihir’s cheek lightly. There was a deep love and sadness in his eyes as he looked at Orhóvihir. “It is no place of ours to interfere. When I played the Lute of Creation, I knew the destiny I had created for those on Sedralours. They do not need us from the Great Realm. They only need themselves, and they will flourish.”

“In blindness,” Orhóvihir snarled.

“It might look like blindness to you, but it is more than that.”

“So why bother going down to see them?” Orhóvihir slapped his father’s hand off his cheek.

The Great Father hid his hurt at Orhóvihir’s actions well. “I simply go to observe them. You see, Orhóvihir, Sedralours is a flawed place. All creation in it is flawed.”

He will make sure that others never challenge him,” the darkness spoke into Orhóvihir ‘s mind. “The world must be enlightened and guided to its true purpose.

Orhóvihir agreed with it. He glared at his father fiercely. “You’re a coward.” Orhóvihir had heard enough.

He took his chance knowing that his father would not be prepared. He could see his weapon on the ground in the distance. It was dimly shining and radiating with white light that was a vast contrast to the flowing green of the grass around the cliff. Orhóvihir knew what he had to do. His father had attempted the same thing with him. He would repay the favour in kind. Orhóvihir stretched his fingers and felt the slight tingle as the weapon reached out to him. It did not move, but Orhóvihir saw it twitch.

He reverted his eyes back to his father. The Great Father was crouching in front of him. Orhóvihir wiped the look of anger from his face and looked into his father’s eyes. His father could not bring himself to end him, and Orhóvihir knew that as long as he lived and knew the truth, then he would never stop reaching out for the Darkness. Unlike the Great Father, he Orhóvihir could kill and destroy his father.

In the name of all creation.

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