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A Son’s Betrayal (5)

By Samuel S. Bunnya, Uganda

The Great Father charged at Orhóvihir. Israfel and Eiael shone brightly with all the power of the Great Father as he came flying towards Orhóvihir. His expression was a mask of pure rage and hatred as he looked at only Orhóvihir. His mouth was a thin line of concentration hidden by the thick white beard that covered his chin. The blinding light of the sun seemed to glow around the Great Father as he flew towards his son.

Knowing that he had to fight if he wanted to live, Orhóvihir raised his Great White Star and growled like one of the strange animals his father had created. His blood was pulsing with the strength of the darkness as he launched himself at his father. Like two shooting stars the Great Father and his son collided. Their weapons holding each other off. The blinding sparks from the ancient steel of the blades sent thousands of lights around the two.

In one swift movement, Orhóvihir pushed his father and swung his sword in an arch. He aimed for the wound he had given the Great Father. His blade was met by Israfel, who sizzled with the rage of a thousand storms. The lightning raced off the blade of Israfel and charged straight at Orhóvihir’s chest. He was flung a great distance away from his father. Orhóvihir’s breathing was heavy as he quickly got to his feet and summoned a thousand stars to his ancient weapon. He sent them towards his father who was charging at him like darts. The Great Father sliced through them Israfel and Eiael like they were nothing.

If you want to live, let us help you,” the darkness whispered into Orhóvihir’s heart.

Orhóvihir had not realised that he had not yet fully given into the darkness. He closed his eyes and sucked in a great deal of the air around him. When his eyes snapped open his father was no more than a few paces from him. The Great Father was still charging down with his power and hatred.

I am fighting for all of creation. Orhóvihir snarled and bared his teeth at his father.

He ignored the voice of the darkness and gripped the hilt of his great white star. In a split moment, he launched himself like an arrow at the Great Father. He took his father by surprise. Orhóvihir sliced through the air and managed to knock the Great Father to the side. He did not wait for an invitation to swing his great white star at his father’s head, who had gotten onto his feet. The weapon shone brighter than White Cloaks of Surinhel. Its red-hot rage of fiery fury burned through Orhóvihir as he felt the firm hold of Eiael.

His father’s brow was weary as he looked into Orhóvihir’s eyes. Orhóvihir pushed at him trying to force him to give way. His limbs started to shake from the strain of holding against the Great Father. His feet started to shake as his father’s weariness disappeared. There was a strange glow of gold in the Great Father’s eyes as he stared at Orhóvihir. He felt a strange sensation as his legs grew weaker and he took a step back, but his father kept pushing at him.

The Great White Star parried and blocked as Israfel and Eiael kept attacking. In simple swings, stabs and hurried flicks. The Great Father was not playing around with him. Orhóvihir could see it in the eyes of his father as the continued to dance their deadly dance. Orhóvihir found himself side stepping and taking steps backwards as his father kept attacking him. He was younger, but he felt like his father seemed much younger. Orhóvihir started to doubt himself as the two fought on in blurring speed.

With every blow of Israfel, the golden rays of the sun shone brightly. When Eiael struck it was the silver rays of the moon that attacked with it. The Great White Star shone white as it fought weapons more powerful and ancient than it, but it was no match for the fury of the one who wielded the other two.

Let us help you.” The Darkness had a deep-seated longing in its whisper. “You reached out to us because you know you cannot defeat Vedhor on your own. Of all the darkness, he is the most cunning and treacherous.

It was right. He had reached out to it, and clearly, he was outmatched by his father. But if he fully had the darkness with him, Orhóvihir believed he could destroy defeat his father, and take the mantle of Great Father. Then and only then would Orhóvihir be able to bring his vision of creation to reality.

Do it for the creatures in the realms of men.” The Darkness continued to insist on letting it help him.

Orhóvihir gnashed his teeth together and let the slithering evil e felt swimming inside his heart take over him. Suddenly, he felt power like never before. All the voices, desires and hearts he had felt were gathering within him. Orhóvihir felt powerful. His strength was renewed. His power seemed to only have doubled. He had already stopped giving way to his father. He was holding his ground once more, and yet he had not started to fight back with the new power he had inside of him.

Orhóvihir let the power out. To his shock a black mist seemed to form around his hands mixing with the shinning white of Great White Star. He struck out at his father in a swift movement that caught the Great Father off guard. His father blocked the blow with Israfel, but the strength from Orhóvihir’s hands sent him back a few steps. The Great Father was horrified as he looked at Orhóvihir.

“You did not let it in,” he said. The Great Father was panting after all the exertion he had been through.

“Well I did father…or should I call you Vedhor,” Orhóvihir fired back. He felt more powerful than he had ever been. “You do not face just me, Orhóvihir, your son. You face the rage of all the lingering darkness you thought you had defeated.”

The Great Father seemed to find renewed strength as he charged at Orhóvihir. The glow of the golden sun and silver moon mixed around him. Lightening crackled and moved along the lines of Israfel and Eiael as he raised them in the sky to attack. The clouds seemed to clear as a million little stars appeared overhead. Thunder rolled through the air coming towards Orhóvihir, just as the stars rained down in his direction. Their light was blinding, but Orhóvihir did not fear it. He knew he could face it.

With one flick of his hand, a darkness consumed everything around him. The stars, which touched it disappeared leaving nothing but small harmless sparks of white. The few that touched his skin, hurt little more than a small nibble from a toothless child’s gum. Orhóvihir laughed at his father’s attempts to harm him. The Darkness had made him equal if not greater than his father.

“Now I can end this backward reign and lead creation.”

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