strangerBy Khethiwe Methula, South Africa:

Never talk to strangers, mom said

Words I heard so many times

Words I kept engraved in me

So I don’t experience the unknown I’ve been warned of

But I did, yes I did.

He said he’ll drop me last

School is 20 minutes away

He said he needed to talk to mom

I was told “unga worry nana, umalume uzokushiya ekhaya yezwa”

He is my uncle of course I am comfortable around him.

We’ve been hanging out, a lot

All in the name of getting to know each other better

I would see you each time I went for rehearsals

I thought I knew you, maybe not

I enjoyed your company

And so did you.

I was young and innocent

I knew nothing, there’s no way I could’ve lured him to this

He was my uncle.

It’s a dinner date

And that’s all it is to me

Little did I know dessert was on me

It’s all happening in my apartment

I am familiar with him.

Molested by a family member

I was young

Getting raped in my own house

He was a tentative husband

Yet I’ve been waiting for the stranger I was warned of

Maybe he never existed

He is too close

The stranger is in the house.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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