Letter I Found

Letter I Found

downloadBy Khethiwe Methula, South Africa:

It’s late

And i’m feeling light headed

What could it be?

Maybe I’m getting sick

Nothing a trip can’t fix, I know…

Don’t tell me a vacation will do good

I’ve been there and came back tired

I’m just tired

I’m tired of having to figure out what’s going on here

What’s going here, lest my assumptions be wrong

I asked

I asked again…go with the flow


I’m broken by all the lies

And you gave me your word

That’s the problem, I took your word and ran with it

Words I longed to hear

It was like a dream come true

But that’s all it was, a dream

There’s a dark cloud hanging

It’s heavy

It’s a sign of rain

It’s not the season though

Wait, there’s light

I got the answers

Its crystal clear

As a beam of light penetrating a dark cloud

It’s so bright

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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