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My Love

PhotoGrid_1470430723528By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

Demons hovering around mists of slavery

Mind meandering through evil dust

Slavery of darkness alienating light

As light seeks to kill the strength and demolish the wishes

At the end of the day

Brain-eating thoughts stampeding my head

You… Me… Shadows of our spirits

Though the light us bringeth together,

Darkness strengthened our bond

We are stuck in the bowels of the earth

Claustrophobic heaven where only you and I exist

Our wings tangled in midnight breeze

Ocean tides, our beating hearts' melody

A mad, banging rhythm rougher than waves

At the end of the day

A blood bond cannot be broken

Scars on our hearts show

Ripped our skins apart and clashed our wounds

Painful harmony we created

Through the stabbing and howling

Sword fighting and soul wrecking

Our paths met and we formed a whole

Two halves of badly crashed beings

At the end of the day

When everyone had their sleep and dreams on

Holding hands, trembling bodies, hearts beating as one

In darkness we became one

We knew we were each other's ‘one’

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