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Leaving It Blank

By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

I have you in my mind

I have a poem in my head

Even though I have my pen and paper at hand

I decide to leave the page blank…

You gave me sweet poetry

Deep sweet memories

A smile that I couldn’t explain

But I’m leaving it blank…

I know as much as I smile

And as much as it feels good,

It is temporal and fake

So I’m leaving it blank

I wrote your name on top of the page

Then I decided to hold back every feeling

See now you have taken it away;

I no longer have that smile

No longer feel what I felt

Imagine if I had written them down

I would have to erase it all

As much as I enjoyed what you came with

I’m glad I left it blank

Nothing is more painful than regret

I won’t remove the name on the page

I won’t write about the heartache either

I’m leaving it blank…

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