In His Memory…

In His Memory…

3660650236_65de16c301_bBy Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

I met this guy,

So amazing he was,

With a smile so wide it made me weak in the knees.

His eyes….

So sweet

Made me sweet

Made me sweat — he had small eyes.

See those kind that make you confess?

He drove me crazy in every sense

Made me dizzy,

So blizzard with love scars.

The kind that are permanent,

They are tattoos.

Drawn in my heart with an ink so bright,

He was an artist.

He could rearrange the fears in my soul.

Look at them now; they are bright smiles

Brighter than the stars.

In his memory, I blossom.

Yes, I turn into a beautiful flower, even better than water lilies.

He brought out the best in this poor thing called me.

He embraced my flaws,

Made me feel so pure, like I'm held up by angel wings.

He made my bruises look like decorations.

He said he cherished the ground I walk on for to him I'm royalty,

He called me “your highness”.

His small eyes look like heaven gates.

I say this because through them I could see God’s grace.

I loved that guy so…

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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