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Babili (Part 5)

By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:


I have been pacing up and down my bedroom since I got back from the doctor. I knew this visit would mess with my head, I’ve been dreading it for 3 months. Kefiloe had to threaten to take me there himself so I finally went. So they are two? Twins? That doctor has a nasty sense of humour, if he knew how painfully true that joke applied to me he would’ve kept quiet.

He said, “Ah its fraternal twins, they might even have different fathers.”

“What?!” I exclaimed. The nerve of that guy, he was even laughing. I almost fainted.

“No, I’m not saying you slept with two guys, but if you did, they could have different fathers. They were conceived at remarkably different times. Very rare.”

It was bad enough that they are twins, but how can they have different fathers? I haven’t even told Kefiloe we are expecting twins. The reason I didn’t want to go to the doctor is that I was scared it could be Thabo’s baby. From that silly Saturday that I allowed myself to sleep with my ex, my life has turned upside down. When I found out I was pregnant, Kefiloe had taken me to Venda for the first time. He made our 2 month anniversary an excuse, he always had excuses to have a good time. I love Venda! I had been dreaming about going there for a long time but when we finally got there I was so sick I couldn’t enjoy being there. It was Kefiloe who suggested I take a pregnancy test and he was seriously excited that it was positive; I wasn’t. He is 31, an accountant with shares in an auditing company, and investments around the country; yes he was happy to start a family. I am a communications officer, 26 with just a flat to my name; I didn’t need this. He convinced me to keep the baby, heck he even proposed. I haven’t accepted it yet… I am not sure about the paternity of this child… these children. And then Thabo heard that I’m pregnant and he started harassing me. He said the baby could be his and naturally I told him to go hang. These children will be raised by Kefiloe even if only one is his. Yerrrr! This doctor seriously messed with my head.

I finally sit and take out my phone and do some research. Uncle google should not disappoint me, not today. I type “twins with different fathers” and bam!

“Fraternal twins occur when women ovulate two healthy eggs and both get fertilized. And every now and then, “superfecundation” happens: Two eggs are ovulated during the same cycle and fertilized at different points within the five-day fertility window, resulting in a bouncing pair of twins.”

What does this even mean? Why cant scientists, or whoever these people are, write simple English? This is so frustrating! I click on the next result and;

“How is it possible? Simple: Two eggs from the same mother get fertilized by two different fathers – within the same ovulation period.”

Okay… IF my twins really do have different fathers, how will they look like? How would I even confirm this? Now this is funny, I find myself laughing out loud.

“Am I a superwoman or what?” I find myself saying.

I do have a habit of laughing at awkward situations and this has suddenly become hilarious, really! It’s crazy; how can this be real in South Africa, huh? Kefiloe walks in; I am laughing with my one hand on my stomach.

“What is so funny superwoman?” He asks as he sits next to me.

“You won’t believe it my love,” I clear my throat and look straight into his eyes with a huge grin on my face.

“Is it the baby?”


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