Paper and Ink: Interconnectedness (2)

Paper and Ink: Interconnectedness (2)

paper-inkBy Emmeline Bisiikwa, Uganda:

Somehow, you get past the drunken experiences and begin to open up to each other. Secretly you wonder if he meant the proposal. Could it really be as simple as being found when you felt like you would never find love? He carries your bag in public. Opens your drink and keeps doing little things that embarrass you because no one ever bothered to do them before.

Eventually you end up in a bed after a few drinks and you are terrified. Will this be the end of the fairytale? Will one time be enough and make him flee? He holds you and reassures you and still you don't believe the words leaving his lips. He says he loves you.

Day by day you battle your insecurities; little by little you start to see his silent strength. He could be what you needed and you just didn't see it. You fight, you scream, you hurt each other. You make up and break up so many times you lose count. It seems as though you are making the same mistakes and you pray that this doesn't turn into a horror repeat of the other time you were so in love and screwed it up.

Somehow he sticks around and makes you smile. He works his way into your life until suddenly you realize you are in love. He says he feels it too and you begin to count the days, weeks, months to see him again. He makes you feel special and you can't believe he is all yours.

You want more and more and begin to get scared. He doesn't let go even when you hold on so tight that you feel he will get scared.

You start to dream of the day you will lie next to him every night. You are almost too afraid that something will spoil this.

You start to trust him slowly and let go of the doubt that it won't work. I guess this is what they call love, falling for someone you didn't expect and sharing bits of yourself with them. It's that feeling of waking up and you wonder what it will be like to wake up next to them every day. He makes you want to see him every day and you still want to see him.

It's when you have your table at that place and sit side by side talking, touching, whispering and looking into each other's eyes. That scary skip of your heart when you see him unexpectedly. It's him changing his dress code so that he looks good for you. It's you waiting for him to notice your new hairstyle and you waiting to go to bed until he says goodnight.

I can't say it's perfect, nothing ever is but at least it is a bunch of things all rolled into this thing you call the one. He's the one you want to do a lot of things to and with. Some good, some horrible. But at the end of the day the thought of not seeing him and talking to him or even being with him makes you crash 'cause you know life would definitely suck.

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