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Love At First Reading

By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

I knew I loved you the moment I laid my eyes on your words

Never had I thought I’d fall for somebody merely by reading their craft

It felt as though we had just met

Like I was staring at love in the face

It was love at first sight

Between those lines I found a person who gets me

Felt as if you had me in your mind as you wrote

Like a muse in the midst of your creativity

My reflection stuck in your hippocampus

As you scribbled my image became vivid

We knew each other from another lifetime

I loved you so dearly

This I know to be true

Your words have reconnected us,

Awoken the spark

Kindled our emotional beings

And the fire we make is enormous

Definetly my kismet you are

Something in our confab arouses me

Match made in heaven I say

God didn’t make us out of sand

He uttered words and we were born

Made of words we belong together

Very few would see the passage to my heart

You know it by heart

May these words find their way into your heart

As yours found their way into mine

You drive me crazy

Your words are now like blood streaming in my veins

Your appearance alone is poetry

One I cannot recite, you leave me speechless

You have ignited flames that brought me to life

Through your eyes I see my other half

So many nights I lay awake thinking of you

Your smile set the goddess in me alight, I’m red

Violet, Indigo, blue – all colours of the rainbow

You is the one, Mr man and I just thought I should to let you know.

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