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Gangster Love (5)

By Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

My name is Wandile Sithole, 20 years from section D Ezakheni. I’m so happy to be here to see Mondli being taken by the police. I’ve been waiting for this day for three years now. I hate him with all my being. He deserves everything that’s going to happen to him in prison, no one will help him now.

Mondli destroyed my family. He used up all of my mother’s inheritance, after her divorce with dad. She got a huge settlement from the divorce. On top of that, her father, my grandfather, had just died and left her with money. Mondli came into the picture as a classic charming young man who supported her in her time of need. My sister and I were dead against this but who are we? She told us the guy makes her happy but she wasn’t happy when he left. We had just moved to an uptown house and mom bought a new car. This toy boy of hers never even met me and my sister; he never bothered to consider how he was breaking up our family. We were at boarding school most of the time and he would act like the man of the house. When we came back during one winter holiday mom was crashed. She told us how the 'toy boy’ left with all her money and now we had to move out of the new house and change schools. My whole world fell apart.

We got a house back at the townships and I changed schools. That’s when I met Samkelo and later Mondli. I learned Mondli was my mother’s ex and I also realized he is a gangster, ruthless and feared. In order to know more about him I started befriending people around him. I’m not big enough to join the gang but being a friend of a friend was good enough for me to know him. He goes around beating people up at parties, on the streets and even in grocery stores. He thinks the world revolves around him. The more I got to know him, the more I hated him. But then I saw how I could get back at him; I would use his greatest weakness, his temper. I was willing to sacrifice myself and get him locked out. Yes; I wanted him to kill me so he can be jailed for murder. But the only time he laid a hand on me I didn't even have a bruise. He simply pushed me down and spat on me. He was there to ruin my friend’s DJ equipment after finding out I was with his girlfriend of the time. I’m too skinny; he wouldn't even dream of beating me up, I’m just not challenge enough. So I changed my strategy.

Samkelo, love of his life, came into town (Pietermaritzburg) in my second year of varsity. I knew he beat her up, insecure jerk. I liked the girl, she’s friendly and beautiful and I chose to make her the sacrifice. If he were to catch me with her, he would definitely kill her… and me probably. I don’t care about my life; it was meaningless anyway. Depressed and broke mother, forever complaining baby sister who is used to the high life and now has to live in the township, a bitter father always doing something to spite mom. I wasn’t doing well in varsity anyway so really I didn't have anything to live for. This was a perfect sacrifice; many people would find justice should Mondli be locked up. I knew my plan built up perfectly when Samkelo sent me a message saying she’s in hospital. And now Mondli is off to the police station. I realize assault wouldn’t be enough to keep him in prison; Samkelo has to die.

I close the door and move towards her, she flashes a little smile and guilt rushes through my body like lightening. ‘I have to do this’ I keep telling myself. Before she could say anything to me I quickly take a pillow to put it over her head. She struggles for a minute or so and then she goes silent. She’s dead, I killed her. I put the pillow back in its place and rush into the passage and scream for help. A huge part of me is happy; Mondli will be charged with murder. I’m sure most of his victims from Ezakheni will testify against him and he will be gone for good. The nurses came rushing and we run back to the room.

One asks me what happened, the other screams, “Let’s check the baby, I hope the baby is still alive”.

With this she rushes out of the room and then back again before I could even comprehend what was happening now. They quickly do an ultra sound and she informs me the baby is dead as well.

What have I done! Samkelo and Mondli haven't been intimate for months now and she and I have been doing it without protection. She had told me she used contraceptives so I relaxed and now… I just killed my baby.

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