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Gangster Love (4)

permanent-thug-love-knuckle-tattooBy Ayanda Xaba, South Africa:

I am not a bad person; not by a long shot. I’m a 26-year-old decent guy, I’m a believer that goes to church regularly despite all the other things I may be engaging in. The car spinning thing is an adrenalin rush, a perfect sport. While people go for soccer or rugby, I Mondli Cele, prefer to spin cars. That doesn’t make me a bad guy. Okay I have a little temper problem and that could be misinterpreted. A few people understand that I don’t like being upset but they keep provoking me. I love Samkelo with all my heart.

I remember the first time I saw her; I was completely mesmerized. I was never the type to date young girls; I always went for older women even if its 20 years older, until I met her. I let go of all the women I had and committed to her. I know she was only 17 but I was willing to groom her into a perfect wife. I saw potential; unlike in the old women I dated. The older ones are already financially secure and otherwise, they only need a partner. Somebody to laugh with, moan to and keep their beds warm. I was fine with that really and it made my life easy. While she’s at work I would be a bad boy; maybe do a little heist, pick pocket or anything to pass by time. I’m part of, not the leader, of the MKZ gang. It all started as a little hobby with my boys Kwazi and Zakhele but we got more and more members. It is also named using our initials, as founders. We don’t kill or anything like that, like I said to us it's just harmless fun. We only do a heist if one of our boys are under pressure, you know, we are hustlers.

I don’t have insecurities or any issue with my confidence. I have been hearing people claim that about me and it's not accurate. I just don’t want to be disrespected. Samkelo is a great girl, she’s the one – I know it. I can’t bear the thought of sharing her with anyone else. I know she’s a beauty and men fall at her feet but they should know she’s mine. That Wandile boy has the guts! Moving in on my girl like that. I had warned him back at Ezakheni. That boy has it for me I tell you. He started by this other girl I dated back home, she was a few years older than me which made her 10 years older than him. I didn’t care much but now I see this is personal. He is intentionally making moves on my women; he even dated that Xhosa chick I was with. I never really paid attention to the boy, I don’t even know his family but now I need to do some research on him. I need to sort him out.

I admit, I may had overdone it with Samkelo today. Normally I wouldn’t hit anyone that much, I don’t want to kill her okay. Visions of her with Wandile or any other guy kept popping in my head and I couldn’t take it. Why would she continue doing this? She knows I hate it. I let her go; I noticed her sneaking out of my flat and I let her go. I realized I couldn’t be in the same room as her, I’m scared of what I might do to her. I can’t lose her, not to anyone or anything. I’m not a bad guy. I’ll go see her at the hospital; I’m waiting for the ambulance sirens so I can follow them out. I just need to know she’s okay; I’ll buy her favourite flowers and I’ll apologize. She shouldn’t cheat, I’ll never do this to her again. I know; I’ll ask her to marry me. Yes, I’m going to buy her a ring.

Finally, the ambulance sirens scream towards our building and I know they are here for her. I gather myself and get my car keys. I hear footsteps running towards my flat and then silence. After a few minutes I hear them again and I rush out of my flat to the car and follow the ambulance. They go into the closest hospital but I don’t follow them in. I go back into town to buy the ring. She is a liker of fine things so I know Samkelo will love the ring I’ll get her. We had gone window shopping for jewelry a few weeks ago and I still remember the ring that stole her heart. Price is never an issue.

After getting the ring I drive back to the hospital hoping they have finished with the paperwork. Luckily when I get to reception they tell me she’s admitted already and in bad shape. The lovely nurse shows me to her room; I find her lying there staring at the roof. She looks really bad, I feel horrible. As soon as she notices me I see her eyes sparkle with fear.

“I’m not here to hurt you,” I utter but she seems even more shaken by this. I’m confused; why would she be scared of me?

“Baby; I’m sorry anger took over me and I wasn’t thinking straight.”

She doesn’t respond.

I persist, “You know I never mean to hurt you. I just get very angry and you know I don’t like it when you cheat on me. I’m sorry Sam”.

No reply.

“I know you’re hurting my love but I promise I won’t ever do this again.” I try to reach for her hand but she moves it and I grab it harder. She starts crying. This hurts me; I just want to make it up to her.

“Look at me,” I say. She turns her beautiful damaged face with tears flowing down; my heart feels like sharp swords just stabbed it. I take out the ring from my pocket.

“I’m here to make a promise; to love and protect you forever. Be my wife Samkelo, I want to make you Mrs Cele.”

I would be lying if I said she showed any emotion other than sorrow; even after I proposed. I understand she’s still hurt but she will be my wife and we will start afresh. My thoughts are disturbed by Wandile barging into the room followed by two policemen. I’m puzzled and seriously annoyed.

“Really Samkelo? You called him? You called the police on me?” I am practically shouting I cannot control my rage.

The policemen grab me from the chair and start reading me my rights as they cuff me. I am overwhelmed with so much anger, I can’t stop screaming. I don’t even hear myself. The police take me out of the room and I see Wandile with an arrogant grin on his face. I’ll get him; he doesn’t know that Samkelo would never press charges. I’ll get out of the holding cells and come for him.

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