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Silver lining

By Tonderai Chimanikire, Zimbabwe:

Standing along the edge,

With nowhere to turn, trapped in this pitiful existence,

With nowhere to go,


Then that cliché, “Why me?”

The urge to ask

“What did i do to deserve this?”

A curse maybe?

Or am I just the devil of my own doing?


Secretly falling apart,

Hiding behind the tears of a clown,

I feel my joy slowly turning into despair,

Slowly drowning in the waters of my soul,


Fragile and down again,

I close my eyes to reminisce of the days gone by,

But all it feels like, is a walk through a cemetery, with everything I knew dead,

decaying or dying,


I look up,

Dark clouds a menace to the skies,

Is there truly is a heaven beyond them,

God sketching greater plans I know nothing of yet,


Because mortal existence means survival of the storm,

Exhausted and afraid,

Not able to give in or up,

Because I’ve come too far to see the end,


Crouching on the ground, I look up once again,

Searching desperately for that silver lining,


Yet to be found.

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