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By Muchy Wytee, Zimbabwe:

Vividly l can still see

The smile on your face

When you saw there was chete on your plate,

Yes l can still see

Your lovely beautiful face light up

In a way that no artist can ever make up,

Shining bright like the meaning of your name,

Oh if only you knew

How much l have always loved cheese

And how much l will love it even more now,

For now with every piece of cheese

I see your gorgeous face,

Your dazzling eyes lit and your soft-like lips smiling,

Instantly lighting me up

Like a lit match to gasoline,

OH darling light

With every piece of cheese l eat

I taste your smile;

With every piece of cheese

I experience over and over again

That single most special moment

That connected me with my inner cheese gourmand.

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