The One Left Behind

The One Left Behind

By David Nnanna Ikpo, Nigeria:

I have two eyes on my face

Two ears by my head

I have two paths on my way

Two sides to which my hips sway

I have spirit and soul

Together they don't run foul

I have two hands too

One beautiful

The other similarly so

One gets the praise

And to heaven it is raised

While the other gets the chill

The isolation and the frill

My left hand

It never gets anything

They hardly accept her

They hardly respect her

When I stretch her out

Their cultural norms I flout

My left hand

Always to my sides

So beautiful she is

Like her sister and the Great God inside

Wasn't she carved from dust?

Doesn't she bath?

Isn't she clothed?

Isn't she free?

Isn't she a similarly beautiful side of me?

My perfect left hand

Unfortunately, the one I once left behind

Write with me now, dance

Paint freely, take your chance

Those who won't shake you won't touch me

Because without you

I'll be living incompletely

My hand, the first and same as the other

Like the two eyes on my face

Like brother and brother

Don't run foul

Stay here and flare

Don't be hidden from the world's interesting glare.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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