By Muchy Wytee, Zimbabwe:

I wonder do l regret;

Or is it just the hurt,

The pain that troubles my soul

When l remember to think of you so,

Very precious to me

Yet my heart shatters when something reminds me

To remember you

Which is 22/7 of my 24/7

You made it seem like an easy deed

How you trivialized all the good l did,

To focus only on the bad l had

It makes my heart so sad,

You forget that l made you laugh more

Than l made you sore,

For it you blamed me l know

Your lips don’t say so only your actions do

I know lm completely guilty

Of being so aware of your beauty,

A beauty hidden in the depths of your eyes,

I only hope one day you will realize,

That the crimes committed by me

Were committed out of my love for you and me to be,

My hands and my feet are shackled to a wall for it, still

My heart longs for you to love me still.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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