Take me as I am

Take me as I am

By Siphosethu Mpongose, South Africa:

You said to come as I am; I know you'll never love me so here I am bearing all my shame…ready for you to 'take me as I am'

Too much right?

Should I perhaps drop the sack of lies fastened around my lips or maybe the not so chaste chastity belt that jack and I broke into last year, because you clearly didn't give us the keys, or the feelings I have for Jill because I hear you hate them and I'm going to hell for even thinking she is cute.

I could go on but you know me right?

So choose which sin of mine I should hide, for You to love me because Your people here have conditions for acceptance

I love you

You love me? I have heard those words too many times, excuse me if I don't accept them as profound

The blood of Jesus washed you bright

Have you heard any word I've said? Or should I repeat my rap sheet, which by the way would give me insane street cred in you know where.

He didn't say a word from that day forth.

I was pretty sure I had succeeded in scaring Him off, instead His actions spoke volumes, the loudness deafened me to the point where I could not hear my rap sheet which I repeated to myself daily with the 'help' of that guy of course. His glory blinded me; I couldn't see anything but His greatness.

His grace was Him in action.

All I had to do was… nothing!

It nursed my wounds, it loved me, and it changed me.

It made me get down on my knees and cry:

I want to be perfected in You because I will never be perfect for You, and the greatest thing is that you don't mind because you see the depth of me but still love me because the blood of your Son has truly made your love blind.

And it cannot begin to take over my mind and that is why at times I will run, but please always follow and find me because You promised you would never stop until I stopped… breathing

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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