Dear Chocolate Bundle

Dear Chocolate Bundle

By Vimbai Chimanikire, Zimbabwe:

Maybe you will have almond-shaped, hazel eyes. Deep-set and mysterious. Maybe you will have big brown soulful eyes. Round and curious. Either way, they shall be your windows to the world. Filtered at first as everything is beauty and fascination before it becomes money, food or reason for hate.

As your tiny fingers wrap around my thumb in a tight grip, I pray that these hands – these yet pure tiny hands shall not know how to kill or steal. But to hold. To caress. In love and in comfort. And as you take your first baby steps, unsteady in their innocence, may you fall too many times to count, and get up still. May your tiny feet sink in rich African soils, feel the tiny pricks of seashore pebbles on the coast of Beira, and tingle from the warmth of the savannah sun-kissed sands.

Off your tongue shall roll positivity in beautiful African dialects – Shona, Kikuyu, Swahili, Zulu… and every word you shall speak, every song you sing – may it calm the spirits and soothe hearts. You shall speak, but you shall also listen.

Maybe you will like hip-hop, and be seen as angry. Maybe reggae, and be called a 'pot-head'. Other odds…maybe country music, and be labelled too white. Whatever sound your ears and mind fancy, may your heart always be open to the most important of all: The music of the sun, moon and the stars. The singing of the birds, silent screams of nature and the harmonies of love-making.

Above all.

My last request.

May you know the Most High. Always remember the One who breathed life into each and every one of us. Thank Him for the good days; seek Him when it rains. Praise Him because He is a wonder; worship Him because He is worthy.

Live. Learn. Cry. Smile. Pray. Believe.

May you be good to the world, may the world be good to you.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Enzo

    I really got carried away. Your richness in descriptions are awesome which makes the meanings so sweet and instill wonder about mother Africa always in the tips of our fingers.Keep it up Vivi.

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