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Sloppy Wet Kiss: A Four Letter Word (6)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

Johnnie and Kate froze in the middle of the room when they heard the knock on the door. It was Johnnie's mother who had come to check up on them and see if they were okay. They were far from it. The stench of Johnnie's brother's body filled the room and both Johnnie and Kate were in a state of shock and panic. 'Johnnie! Kate! Are you guys in there? It's time for the speeches now so can you please come…' she shouted through the door. Johnnie replied, 'Ok Mom. We're on our way out.' Johnnie's Mom seemed to walk away and then they heard her shout again through the door, 'Oh by the way, do any of you know where Mark went?' When Johnnie and Kate heard that they both looked down at Mark's dead body lying on the floor before Kate replied tentatively, 'No. It's just us in here. We don't know where he went.'

It was a chilling exchange by the door and although nothing had actually happened, Johnnie and Kate both felt exposed. 'Come Kate, let's go back out to the party and then we can come and deal with this later.' Johnnie said. They both left his room and locked the door behind them. At this point, Johnnie was completely distraught. How was he meant to stay composed at the party with people giving speeches and having a good time while his brother lay dead in his room? It was gut-wrenching. Kate was also completely broken, replaying the scenes of an hour ago when she plunged the knife into Mark's chest and remembering the look on his face as life left his body. She tried to think of why she had done it but she couldn't seem to come up with a solid answer in her head.

One by one people started giving speeches about Johnnie and Kate and how they were so happy that they were finally getting married. They smiled, held hands and pretended to be in love. When the speeches ended, Johnnie's Mom gave a vote of thanks and told everyone they should get ready to dance because the DJ was about to take the party to another level. Johnnie and Kate's friends came round them and started dancing with them and making them take shots of vodka and tequila because they weren't 'high' enough. It was awkward at first but then after a few shots they both started to loosen up and the party really began.

Johnnie started drinking a lot, taking shot after shot. It was as if he believed that the more he drank, the more the reality of the horror he was in would go away. Kate on the other hand, was drinking but also pacing herself. She couldn't get too drunk. She had to stay focused on what was going on and try and figure out how to get out of this situation. How were they going to get rid of Mark's body and how would Mark's death be explained? Maybe they could take Mark's bed to his room and tie it to a rope on the ceiling and claim he had committed suicide? Or maybe they could clean up the whole mess and go throw him in a river somewhere? Or go and bury his body in the forest?

The forest idea started sounding really good to Kate and she went to Johnnie and said, 'Can I talk to you quickly Johnnie?' and took him to the side. 'I think I've figured out how to deal with our situation' she said. 'We can go and bury Mark's body in the forest somewhere and then declare him missing. They'll be looking for him for years and never find him.' Johnnie, drunk at this point, looked at Kate for a while and said, 'Are you crazy?' Kate was slightly bewildered and said, 'What do you mean Johnnie?' and Johnnie looked at Kate and said, 'You just killed my brother and you expect me to just go and bury him in the forest like it's nothing? He's my brother! Someone has to pay for this, and that person is you!' and he walked away and went back to his friends.

Kate's head started spinning. She couldn't believe this. While they were in the room Johnnie begged her to untie him from the chair claiming that he was going to help her get out of this situation but now he was saying that he was going to make her pay? Her DNA was all over that room on Mark's body, on the knife she had used. If Mark's body was ever found she would go to jail for sure. She had to do something and do something fast.

She felt really hot and she went outside to get some fresh air and while she was there she saw two guys standing outside and one of them lit up a cigarette and it hit her. She was going to burn Johnnie's room. All she needed was something flammable like petrol and then she would somehow pour it into Johnnie's room. Johnnie's room was locked so by the time they had unlocked it, enough damage should have been done to destroy the evidence.

She then went into Johnnie's garage and started looking around. On the floor in the corner was a five litre container of paraffin. She picked it up. It was full. This would do just fine. She then went into his kitchen and got a box of matches. Everyone was drunk now so nobody paid too much mind to her. It was perfect. It would take these drunks some time to smell the smoke and realize Johnnie's room was burning. She then started walking towards Johnnie's room, heart pounding, praying that nobody stopped her or tried to talk to her.

Just before she got to Johnnie's room she heard a loud scream. It was coming from the direction of Johnnie's room. The scream seemed to temporarily stop the party. Some people started walking towards where the scream had come from and then suddenly there were loud exclamations of 'Oh my gosh!' 'What the hell is going on' as people tried to make sense of what was happening. Kate ran to the scene and forced her way through the people that were now gathered around Johnnie's room. When she got there what she saw made her freeze. There was blood coming from under Johnnie's door. Her and Johnnie had left Mark's body on the floor and all this time blood had been coming out and slowly making its way underneath the door. Kate stood there, motionless, a container of paraffin in her right hand and a box of matches in her left hand. It was over.

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