Series, Sloppy Wet Kiss

Sloppy Wet Kiss: A Four Letter Word (5)

By Tashinga Wazara, Zimbabwe:

I woke up in a daze. My head felt like I had been hit by a train. I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was and for a moment I had absolutely no idea. My eyes then zoomed in on a portrait on the wall which looked really familiar. Then I looked on the bed and recognized the bed cover. I was in my room. I then tried to move but I couldn't. I looked down and saw that I was sitting in a chair and my arms were tied to the arm rests. My feet were also tied together. I looked again at the bed and saw blood all over. I then started to panic. Who had tied me up in my own room and why? And why was there blood on my bed? There was music playing in the house and I could hear people talking. What was going on?

I tried again to move, hopelessly. Suddenly I heard footsteps. There was someone else in the room. I turned my head and as soon as I saw who it was I remembered everything that had happened. It was my girlfriend or is it my fiancé? At this point I didn't know what to call her. She had just stabbed my brother and had hit me on the head when I had tried to escape. I had obviously passed out and she had tied me up to the chair. She walked up to me and said, 'Finally you're up! Gosh! I was starting to think you were about to die on me like your little brother.' I looked at her, half listening to what she was saying and half shocked at what she had become in the last couple of hours. Kate was a kind, loving person. Granted, she had a bit of a temper and she could give anyone a good scolding but she was not a murderer. She wasn't as cold-hearted as her voice sounded right now.

Her eyes were open wide and her hands were shaking, kind of like how a heroin addict would act when they really need another shot and can't get one. I then realized that she was in as much of a state of shock as I was. She came up to me with the knife she had used to kill my brother and said, 'This is your fault! All of it! You made me do this!' I looked at her and said, 'What? How did I make you kill my brother?' and she said, 'Well, because you were hitting him, and I, I thought…' 'You thought what Kate?!' I asked raising my voice. 'I thought you were gonna…' She couldn't finish her sentence as she started crying. It was as if the severity of the situation had finally sunk in. She had killed a man.

I figured that this was the perfect time for me to engineer an escape, while she was still in a state, and so I made my move. 'Kate, it's ok honey.' I said. 'We're gonna get through this together ok? Come, cut off the rope and let me help you.' She looked at me hesitantly. She was caught in two minds. On one hand she really needed my help. How was she going to get rid of the body and get out of this situation? The party was still going on outside and at some point people were going to start looking for us. But on the other hand she wasn't sure she could trust me. She had just killed my brother.

'Come on Kate. Let me help you. I'm just as guilty as you are. We can get through this together,' I said. Finally she relented. She came and cut off the rope. She had just made the biggest mistake of her life. The only question in my mind now was whether I was going to have to get rid of one body or two. As I deliberated, I heard a knock on the door. 'Kate! Johnnie! Are you guys alright in there?'

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